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With intuition in the session!

Intuition triggers the most of actions in the session.

Intuition is the certain work because it is based on memory. Domina should make her decision for session based on it. If it was not work during the session, her decision was caused by "Guesswork" ,not by "Intuition"

Bits of Memories go through the process[create → storage → understanding].

Domina's observation and concentration take her memory in the process.If so, you will get astonishment, surprise, excitement by her.

If you cannot get something like that while the session, naturally there is no intuition in her mind , more pathetic still , her guesswork would cause so many disappointment to you.

If I perform only your favotites according to your questionnaire like a parrot, intuition is not necessary for such a session. These actions traces the pattern that she had once experienced.

It is, so to speak, a session without originality. It is the session which is made in the same way even if anyone does it. I hate such a thing.

It is possible to be complicated to show , but it is superficiality, not to be different from the session triggered by intuition.

【Creation → storage → understanding】

It is the necessary action for domina's development and very good performance.

There is not a mistake if I act according to intuition. I can watch both your hope and expectation. Therefore if a gap occured between you and I, it is possible to revise it easily.
So we could not worry about unexpected occurs in our session, moreover we would find joy in these.

I can surely watch by intuition the things which you are not conscious of. Therefore I pragmatize your fear and desire that you do not notice ,then I will expose these before your eyes.

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